How to Choose an Email Service Provider

How to Choose an Email Service Provider

Email campaigning is one of the most lucrative of many marketing campaigns. However, it is based on the quality of your email marketing list. There are many ifs and buts in finding the best email list provider, but if your list meets the most essential criteria’s, it can be one of the fastest ways to expand your business or organization. Here are some top tips to gain success with your next email campaign. 

Choosing Your Email List Provider –

Firstly, there is nothing as powerful as having your subscriber email list and emailing your subscriber base with targeted valuable content regularly. This is the best way of building a relationship and establishing your brand. However, many small businesses do not have this system. There can be many obvious reasons like time and money constraints, however, tailor-made email lists are readily available in the market. This can make your task relatively easier when marketing results are needed quickly.  It does not only save time but can also be handy in setting a new business in a targeted demographic of customers. You can create a general awareness of your products or services and initiate the sale funnel.

A well-curated email list if done correctly can deliver immediate revenues. So, how do you identify your email list partner?

  1. Background Check: Choosing your email list supplier needs a little research. When approaching an email list supplier, you must ask questions such as what the source of the list is and whether the email list has been collected in a transparent and compliant manner. To establish this – simply ask for a sample list based on your requirements. Your target audience may vary so you need to specify your requirement accordingly. For example, if you have a sports company, you require emails of teens and if you sell health services, you need a list of older adults in the locality. It is always important to target a suitable geo/demographic audience for your first email campaign to ensure better monitoring. 
  2. Validate Email Accounts: First thing first, you would want to check whether the email accounts are valid or not. You would never like wasting your resources on fake accounts so run them through an email verifier to check their authenticity and to find whether they are in use or not. Once you are confident of the quality of the list, you can check the terms and conditions like the ‘privacy policy’ where the consumers have agreed to accept mails.
  3. Check your Budget: Check the pricing which is usually based for 1000 email blast and should decrease as the volume of sends increases. Once you have finalised on your email provider, you need to work on the email content. Use a professional-looking email template rather than sending content in a gibberish format for your mail. Good graphic designers can help you with the design and look of your template. You would always want to use images to create interest and guide them to click your offer.  The title or subject should create curiosity, such as secret knowledge or a tempting time-sensitive offer, etc.
  4. Deliverability Rates: Before you pick up any service package from the email service provider, inquire about their deliverable rates. Before committing to a package, you need to make sure thousands of emails that you are sending every day are not ending up into spam box. Check the IP address shared with you by the email service provider since it indicates the origin of emails. Sharing the same IP with other customers who are spamming can also generate a spammer flag for you. Deliverability rates of an email service provider also depend on the internet connection. Therefore, choose a provider with multiple internet connections and always keep in touch with subscribers. 
  5. Check Tech Support: Don’t forget to check the tech support. Whenever you are trusting an email service provider to manage, you’re your subscription list, make sure they are offering supports around the clock. There are many service providers offering support system only through limited tickets. Sometimes three to five tickets are not enough to resolve all the queries. Always choose for around the clock support providers. This will help you to monitor your email marketing process easily and effectively.

Get your key metrics ready to assess the success of your campaign like click-throughs etc. Once you are ready with your campaign, there is no point waiting as you may have people looking for your products/services.

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