How Lead Generation helps your business to flourish?

Since you are here, you are certainly involved with some promotional activity for either your own business or your client’s. Although the concept of lead generation is quite common these days, yet, let us start this discussion from the very basics.

What is a Lead?

In a brief, a lead is someone who has expressed interest in the business, that is the company’s product or service. Converting an individual from just a visitor to a confirmed buyer is the underlying target of any business that thrives to prosper these days.

Why do we need the right lead generation strategy?

Getting consumers or prospective buyers for your business can be done in many ways. For instance, cold calling is one of them. But is it worth doing? Consider yourself as an individual who gets a call from a car servicing agency explaining the details of their services wherein you don’t own a car at all! This is highly intimidating, and it portrays a bad image of your business to the people in your vicinity. They might someday require those services but not consider you as their preferred choice!

A better way instead would be to have individuals visiting your website or clicking on your online ads. Thereafter you could revert with a call and providing him/her with further assistance on how and why to avail your product or service! This would rather be far less intrusive. From your business perspective, it is also a cut on the waste of your time and resources!

How to go about the process of lead generation?

Now, this sounds a bit much technical, isn’t it? but once you have a clear view of the concept, your business or startup venture will certainly reap the benefits!

The process of converting visitors into customers or prospective buyers has some specific methods. These may be termed as lead generators. Good examples of lead generators today are – blog posts, job applications, online content, live events, and so on.

Your lead generation process essentially follows certain steps:

  • 1st an individual comes to know about your business through marketing channels like social media posts, blogs or online ads
  • If interested, the person clicks on the CTA (call-to-action) option that you have provided. It may be a ‘click here’ button, a relevant image etc.
  • The above action of the visitor takes him to a landing page which is a web page that caters to his interests.

To sum it up all, a visitor clicks a CTA that takes him/her to a landing page. Here the visitor might get an option to fill out a form to get an offer. After this point, the individual potentially becomes a lead.

Modern Lead Generation Techniques

While discussing the best online marketing practices, someone in the panel could name several lead-generation practices! For instance, referral marketing, direct mailing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, business newsletters, conducting webinars, tracking online reviews and so on. Let us have an overview of how these strategies work:

You could build an incentive-based referral marketing system

Word-of-mouth advertising is what is basically referred to by referral marketing. But in this digital age, its traditional pattern has undergone changes too! For instance, you are selling your service or product online. Create a customized referral code for him/her. Offer a discount to your new customer for first-time purchase and give your original customer a referral discount too.

This process exactly lets you pinpoint which client is sending you business and which lead has converted.

Try Direct Mailing to individuals

Your direct mail should be like your first attempt into getting someone to your website or make a call to your contact number provided, rather than your final step in getting newer clients. Direct mail does not necessarily have to be synonymous with junk mail. You only need to be familiar with the right way to do it.

  • You could hit a smaller, more inbound audience
  • Provide prospective mail recipients with valuable offers.
  • Using data-providing referral codes.

You could try Lead-Swapping techniques

It’s not always that your competing firm is envying you. You could be on friendly terms with the one that shares the same clientele as yours! If so, you can consider swapping leads from time to time. All you can do to make your efforts more fruitful is use a CRM tool, which could essentially be a small business CRM tool.

This helps you keep track of individual leads and what kind of returns you are getting from the companies that are providing you with leads.

Start sending Business Newsletters

A business newsletter is essentially a part of email marketing – another important strategy of lead generation. The concept of business newsletter gets all updates about your business right into the inbox of individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to give them compelling reasons to sign up such as – lucky draws, exclusive offers, updates on new and upgraded features and so on. These rewards could turn a highly captive audience into valuable leads.

It is quite impossible to jot down all the possible digital marketing strategies in a single article. The list goes on and each one is rewarding in its own unique manner. Even answering questions in platforms like Quora (where you can share your knowledge concerning your own field) exposes your brand to some who wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise.  However, modern lead generation strategies grossly comprise of the following:

  • Facebook Lead Generation – Facebook Ads was launched in 2007. It began favoring businesses, especially those that used paid advertising. Facebook also created Lead Ads to enhance the experience of digital marketers. Additionally, FB has a feature that allows you to put a simple call-to-action button at the top of your Facebook Page – this sends your Facebook followers directly to your website.
  • Twitter Lead Generation – Twitter Lead Gen Cards allows you to generate leads directly within a tweet. And you don’t have to leave the site for that. The user’s name, email address, and Twitter username are automatically included, and all visitors do is click “Submit” to become a lead.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation – Linkedin has a big stake in the advertising space today. Its Lead Gen forms automatically populate with the user’s profile data recorded (as soon as the individual clicks on a CTA option). This makes it easier to capture visitor-information.
  • PPC Lead Generation – PPC refers to ‘pay per click’. Ads that are displayed on SERPs (search engine result pages) are the paid ads and the most valued ones too. Google gets an average of 3.5 billion searches per day. That makes it the prime real estate for any ad campaign!

Strategies and techniques of promoting a business, are ever-changing. The digital era makes the adaptation of newer procedures even faster in a rather compelling manner. Older strategies fast become obsolete and a digital marketer essentially needs to remain familiar with the updated and the most effective ones.

In this blog, we’ve just gone over the basics. While you are digitally promoting a business, you have to keep multitasking – create offers, CTAs, landing pages, forms, promote them in different platforms and so on. Finally, make sure that your strategies are paying off – they are bringing in high-quality leads! Last but not the least, keep evaluating every step of your inbound lead generation process – it will increase both your revenue and lead quality.

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