How Email Verification Software Works and Boost an Email Campaign

Most of the marketing strategists suggest for email marketing because of its high deliverability and high ROI. But what if you don’t have a cleansed database? It can increase your email bounce rate and harm your sender reputation. The ultimate solution of this issue is to use an email verification software.

But, how does an email verifier act? Is it really worth to buy an email verifying software? Here is why…

What is email verification?

Email verification is the process of verifying an email address whether it is valid or invalid and it is the easiest way to recognize an authorized/valid user. The purpose of email verification is to ensure that a real person with a valid email address will receive and interact with the sent mail.

What will happen if you send an email campaign to a lot of addresses that aren’t valid anymore?

1. Your bounce rate will increase. This will send a signal to ISPs that your sender reputation shouldn’t be high.

2. If your sender reputation will be low, your emails might not reach the inboxes of your customers with a valid email address.

3. You will get poor email deliverability and open rates because you’ll be sent straight to the junk folder.

All in all, you are not making it to the inboxes of your subscribers and that directly translates to bad ROI.

How email verification works

First, it identifies any issues and possible problems before they’re caught by ISPs or ESPs. It is just like spell check making sure you haven’t misspelled anything before handing in that paper that’s due in 15 minutes.

Step 1: Email verification usually checks the mailing list for spam traps. Spam traps are usually created in order to capturing senders who are not following the proper guidelines.

If you are buying a mailing list, chances are you’ve got a few of them. But even if you have legitimately acquired email address, there can be one or two of spam traps on there.

Email verification makes sure that these addresses are eliminated from your mailing lists. Otherwise, if you sent an email to a spam trap, you’ll either be asked to remove that address from your list, or you’ll be blacklisted by ISPs and ESPs.

Step 2: The next thing that happens with email verification is that the provider checks the format of your emails. This includes scanning your mailing list for missing @ symbols, invalid email address and other things that could result in a hard bounce.

Step 3: The next procedure is domain verification. The service checks the DNS records to make sure that the domain name is correct, and the domain mail exchange server is ready to receive emails.

Step 4: The final procedure is an individual mailbox validation. For this, email verification services use the SMTP protocol to make sure that the mailbox exists and is ready to receive messages.

Email List Cleaning

Nowadays email has become one of the best ways to interact with our communities. It can be used for conveying information about products, services or special offers. But, sometimes, companies used to face a lot of problems which endanger their email marketing. While sending a large number of emails to a messy list, many marketers discover they are getting a lot of hard and soft bounces or they are marked as spam senders.

To overcome these problems companies have started to use some reliable email verification software which is specially designed to check bulk email addresses and to identify whether they are valid or not. This affair is also known as “email list cleaning” or “maintaining the hygiene of an email list”.

Most of the time, apart from valid addresses, an email list contains a lot of invalid or dead accounts which don’t exist anymore, and they can harm you and your reputation. If you send marketing emails to an uncleaned list, you’ll be getting a high bounced rate and you will lose the trust of your email provider. This can affect your sending IP and your IP might get blacklisted. So, that’s why email validation is getting necessary nowadays.

Why you should keep a clean email list

If you want to keep long term relationship with your customers and third parties, the validation of your database is critical. It will decrease your bounce rates and will have positive effects on your email deliverability. Following are some of the reason that will clear your doubts related to keeping a clean email list.

  • It cuts unnecessary costs of email marketing and reduces your bounce rates.
  • Your campaigns will achieve a better result because your emails are not reaching dead inboxes, but actual people.
  • It protects your reputation and improves the sending score of your domain and IPs.
  • It improves your deliverability rates and emails open rates.
  • It improves your return on investment (ROI).

A good email verifier will not only identify the valid email addresses in your list, but it will rather provide more other benefits, as well. It can abolish duplicate email addresses, spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains, and reveal relevant information about your subscribers, like their name, gender, and location. This data is very useful for those who want to segment their list according to demographics. Having segmented email lists will help you reach the right people more easily.


Important features of verification software:

  • Minimize the usage of website band with by focusing on the targeted audience.
  • Flexible and fast cleaning of email list providing 100% accurate result.
  • Restore and backup because of which data can be transferred easily from one computer to another.
  • Export email address to XML, text file or other external points.
  • Manage contact list by eliminating invalid address from the given list.
  • Receive detail reports of each operation and save bad and good emails in the form of text files.
  • Get verification mail and accurate result within no time.

Hope this blog enlighten you how an email verification software works and why it is so important to use an email verifying software to boost an email campaign. Have a question? Comment below.

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