Drive more sales with our free bulk email verification tool

We’ll put it in the simplest form for you – an email verification software will verify an email address to find out whether the email is valid. For a marketer targeting higher ROAS, starting with an accurate email list is indispensable. A survey once predicted that almost about 48% of the emails that are being sent globally get converted into ‘junk’ mails. As an email marketer when you send more and more emails to unverified and invalid email addresses, this is what happens –

  • More and more bounced emails decrease your email deliverability!
  • You reach a lesser and lesser portion of your target audience which is going to yield even lesser amounts of leads (that is the audience that converts to active buyers of your product).

To sum it up, since you are not being able to make it to the inboxes of your target audience (or subscribers) you keep on scoring a bad ROAS!

How does it work for email marketers?

New to email marketing? Email verification is therefore a must. In the process of increasing your email deliverability, it proves to earn you the best return on your email marketing investment.

The email checker acts similar to a spellcheck tool (warns you in case you are typing the address wrong) but accomplishes a few more server end tasks as well.

  • It verifies the domain – the DNS records are checked to ensure that the domain name is correct and the exchange server can receive emails.
  • Mailbox validation is carried out with the help of SMTP protocol
  • The spell-check kind of service checks formatting and syntax errors too. (For instance, when you forget to place the @ symbol, you are instantly signaled!)
  • It also checks your mail list for ‘spam traps’. The latter refers to certain email addresses that have been created to catch senders who adopt unfair practices!

Use the free bulk email verification tool for building an effective marketing campaign and increase ROAS